She’s 11 and a Free Spirit


She’s 11. She’s a free spirit. She doesn’t like the word “cute” and is obsessed with Harry Potter. I look at her and am in awe of the person she is becoming. She isn’t afraid to stand up for herself or wear her paint-covered overalls with boots. She speaks softly and has the most beautiful gray eyes I have ever seen. She is intelligent and works hard to maintain her high grades. To me, she is the most beautiful girl in the world. She is my daughter.


I know father-daughter moments can be fleeting. I won’t always be her #1 guy so I take advantage of all the time I can spend with her. We talk about cartoons, Harry Potter, how structures are constructed and what food we ate that day. I hope she knows she can always come to me to talk.

She can be stubborn, but quickly understands when she is wrong.

I am her dad and I am so very proud of her. Eleven years ago, my life completely changed for the better. She has been my sunshine during very dark moments. Fathers and daughters have a very special relationship. Right now, she looks up to me and I make sure to work extra hard to not disappoint her.




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