Making 2017 A Great One

2016 was a tough year. I am aiming for 2017 to be a great one. 2016 was tough physically (I have a torn labrum), emotionally (renewed custody battle with the mother of my children) and financially (we went from two fixed incomes to one.) All this led to depression and neglect towards myself and my family. Even though, 2016 was a tough one, I did propose to my long-time girlfriend which was a serious plus.


This woman is amazing and really is the glue that holds our family together. As 2017 was rolling in, I started cheering up and becoming more positive. I have become more involved in my kid’s lives. I am helping with wedding planning and I am putting in a lot more effort at work. I am not a resolution man but I decided that this year, I will have resolutions and goals.

Resolutions to make 2017 a GREAT one:

  1. Think in a more positive and optimistic manner

2. Slowly get back into an exercise routine

3. Marry my love on October 7, 2017

4. Be even more involved in my kid’s lives

5. Get my general contractor’s license

None of these resolutions is so insane that it cannot be accomplished. They will take time, dedication and my full commitment. For the first time, I am excited at the thought of a new year. There are so many possibilities for growth. Wish me luck!


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